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WOW. I haven’t checked my twitter and tumblr in AGES and a ton of crap happened. Zayn and Perrie are engaged! *SQUEAL!* I LOVE ZERRIE. AND, LIAM HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND! Can I just say, can we please cut Liam a break and just allow Liam and Sophia date in peace? Liam is already pissed and let me just say this: HAPPY LIAM MAKES US HAPPY. So just let Liam be happy with his girlfriend and don’t bother them? Though I may be a Liam girl, I want Liam to be happy more than anything else. That’s what being a fan is about. Being happy for your idol. Not about being jealous of his girlfriend and sending hate toward her. Liam deserves a break. So can we all do that? Mmk? Oh and a lovely toast to Zerrie. Congrats. I hope you guys will have a lovely wedding and stay together happily ever after. 

NOTE: I won’t be on a lot… (Cuz school, that’s why) So it may be another two weeks before I decide to resurface again. Until next time, dearies!


imagine going camping with liam and the two of you forget the tarp that goes over the netted top of the tent. so the two of you lay under the stars and he tries to name constellations but just starts making stuff up and you start laughing really hard when he says “O’Styles Belt” and he presses his face into your neck and pulls you close and the two of you fall asleep with the stars shining overhead.

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